Salt Lake City - Drive to Connect

Charging up the batteries and getting ready to go!  Heading out to Salt Lake City for the annual NRECA Connect Conference.  This year includes a special event called the Drive to Connect.  Several teams from cooperatives around the country are driving their EVs to the conference to showcase the electric vehicle and its current capabilities as well as future capabilities.  CKenergy has a team and we're called the "Gas Kickers".  Easy folks, it only sounds familiar.

My son, Jay, is traveling with me as my partner so conversation will not be lacking.  He is much like his momma and we will have plenty of conversation.  Okay, I admit, I'm a lot like his momma too, so the miles should tick away before we know it.  One of the drawbacks for cross country EVs is the lack of locations to charge, especially rapid charging.  After plotting my path, I realized I had all of 3 days travel ahead of me and that's assuming I found every charging station properly functioning and unoccupied as I arrived.  So the boss gave me two days to go 3 days of distance.  Huh? Therefore I'm cheating, but I won't tell you how I'm cheating until later.

The car remains an absolute blast to drive and Jay and I are looking forward to the trip and the event.  A big pat on the back should be given to NRECA's Alan Shedd for his vision and compassion for EV driving.  Alan is responsible for the event and the planning of such.  I'd also like to thank my CEO, Clint Pack and the CKenergy Board for seeing the vision of EVs and the role EVs  will play in our electric future.  Without a CEO and a Board with vision, cooperatives will merely exist, they will not thrive and properly serve their members.  Just sayin.

See some of you in Salt Lake City!


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