First Month Fuel Numbers

Not Too Bad!

Okay, I've got the first month's fuel numbers to show you and they were really very good.  We were a little skeptical at first, but as promised, electricity cost a little less than 1/3 of the gasoline costs for our former Strategic Planning car.

First, I know I showed you the future look of our little car in a previous post, but we've since had the actual wrap put on the car.  It looks great! Check it out.


For the month of November, I drove a total of 2149 miles with a total consumption of 704 kWhs.  Using CKenergy's geothermal rate, my electric bill was $302.92.  Without the car's kWhs, my bill would have been $242.37.  Therefore, my electric cost for 2149 miles worth of fuel was $302.92 minus $242.37 or $60.55. 

My former car was a Ford Taurus which averaged 26.2 mpg.  If I had driven 2149 at 26.2 mpg and $2.39 per gallon of gasoline, I would have spent $196.03 for fuel.

The difference for November was $135.48...SAVINGS!

Okay, that's just one month, and in all fairness, there are a few cons which I will address in the next post.  I said we'd give you the good and the bad as we move forward.  Until then, here's hoping you'll never drive through high water in an electric vehicle!  Cheers.


  1. First - Thanks for your blog and update of your EV experience. Second - once you start doing this over multiple months, adding a table to show data will be helpful. Thanks, Jim Sayers, Corn Belt Power Cooperative (Iowa)


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