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EVs and Ice!

Road Sludge from Ice        Okay, it's been a while since I blogged.  I apologize for that, but things have been really uneventful in terms of driving our all electric Chevy Bolt.  By uneventful, I mean in terms of learning new things and/or experiencing bad things.  From an excitement standpoint, I'm still pumped!  The look on the Mustang driver's eyes last week after I smoked him at a stoplight was priceless!  Did I just say that?  What will the CEO and the Board Members think?      However, today and yesterday have brought a little excitement, AND learning, to the drive.  Here in Oklahoma, we have ice...again.  Luckily it's just on the roads so far and not snapping poles.  Pray hard!  Driving the EV was a little worrisome at first.  Would the brakes work the same? (My Taurus had excellent anti-lock braking.)  Would the traction control, anti-slip programming work the same?  Would the Bolt's weight make it more or less likely to skid?  I mean, I was really

Fuel Cost Comparison Chart

It's been a while since I posted and I apologize.  There hasn't been a lot of new things to report but I thought it was time to begin showing a monthly fuel consumption and comparison chart.  I have been thoroughly impressed with the fuel costs of our EV up to this point.  Fuel savings will definitely play a major role in the buying future of EVs. The chart is fairly self explanatory but I'll go over it anyway.  Having purchased the vehicle on November 7, 2017, you can see the totals for the remainder of the year in the first three rows.  I've recorded the year and month of comparison and broken it down to kWhs for "Auto Only" and total kWhs for my house in the first four columns.  The next two columns account for the odometer reading at the end of each month and the total miles driven that month.  Column seven shows the average cost of gasoline for the month in Chickasha, OK.  Column eight tallies the cost of gasoline we would have experienced if I wer