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You'll Definitely Know it's Us!

CKenergy's New EV Look! I'm excited about being recognizable going down the road and I know people will be looking and reading.  The worst part of this is that I'll be recognizable going down the road!  If that's confusing, just think about this; now people will know who it is that's "possibly" speeding around them.  Haha I explained to the Board of Trustees that if I'm pulled over, what better advertising!  A billboard right there on the side of the road with flashing red and blue lights.  What's more visible than that?  I thought they'd laugh. In all seriousness, the car has been awesome during the 3 weeks and 2000 miles I've been driving it.  It rides great, and only one time have I had to delay a drive to OKC until the next day because I wouldn't have had enough kwhs to comfortably make it back home.  I think I should probably drive another six months or so before I ask the CEO to call a tow truck, don't you?  And h
The Bolt is Here!! November 17, 2017 This is our little car as it looks in its parking spot just outside my office.  It is currently charging as it has already driven from my house to OKC and back to Binger today.  I went to OKC to a vinyl wrap company to start a design for the car to identify it as a CKenergy electric vehicle.  So far, the car is a blast and it runs and drives really well.  It will definitely take some time for my nervousness to go away because I am constantly watching my "fuel" gauge.  I'll post pictures of the dash readouts so you can see what everything looks like.  Instead of miles per gallon it shows miles per kilowatt hour.  Crazy!  Who'da thunk we'd be driving by the kilowatt hour?! The charging station at the office is a Level 2, 240 volt charging unit.  It charges at the equivalent of 25 miles per hour.  So, it takes about 8 - 9 hours for a full charge from "Dead on the side of the road" to full tank.  You get th

Electric Vehicle Project Overview

EVs, Are They Our Future? Electric Vehicles and their place in Oklahoma One thing we like to do at CKenergy is stay on the cutting edge with convenience and cost cutting options for as many members as possible.  As you know, we have always offered aggressive programs for our members, such as load control rates for water heaters and air conditioning systems, electric generators for standby power as well as peak power savings, and the nation's best geothermal incentive program. Well, it seems there may be an additional service opportunity to offer CKenergy members if the product is as good as we think it is. Electric vehicles have really taken a turn toward reality with the advent of new battery technology and motor efficiency.  What once was only viable for golf carts can now zip a car down the road at speeds as fast as gasoline driven muscle cars.  Now don't get us wrong, there's nothing quite like the throaty rumble of a souped up muscle car engine or the smell of