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Monthly EV Fuel Cost Comparison

     Great news!  It looks like the average savings per mile over the winter is going to stay around $0.061 per mile.  Electricity for the Bolt is turning out to be really nice savings over the cost of gasoline.  In four months, the fuel savings is $587.85!   Just as a reminder, this comparison is made with a Ford Taurus which averaged 26 miles per gallon while I drove it.  That's pretty good mileage for a really excellent car.        The Bolt continues to be rock steady in its performance and I still love driving it. Our power provider WFEC, recently held an EV segment as a part of a recent short conference and there was a ride and drive event that afternoon.  There were 11 cars that took part in the event including 3 Teslas, (the high end ones), several Nissan Leafs, several Chevy Bolts and a couple of Chevy Volts, the hybrid Chevy with a small gas engine as well as batteries.      The folks who drove our Bolt were quite impressed with the ride and especially the accelerati