Moab, Orem and Salt Lake City, Utah

The Best Part of the Trip!!

Our first stop after Farmington, NM was in Moab, UT.  My goodness what a beautiful area of the state.  I had never heard of Moab but it is a jewel nestled among the beautiful red rock formations and cliff faces I have ever seen.  And the town was great too.  First things first, we easily found the charging station at the Moab Chevrolet and yes, it was working and available to the public...for free!  Our next stop was Orem, UT, but we spotted this exceptionally beautiful plot of ground and decided to investigate.  See to the left.   If you'll zoom in on the photo you'll see what I mean about the beauty.  Hey wait...isn't this a golf course?  Well shucks, we better play while we're here.  So we grabbed a room in the local Best Western, where there were a load of Tesla chargers, and stayed the night.

Okay, we headed out Monday morning with only 4 hrs to go.  The next stop on the list was Orem, UT at the Garff Nissan dealership.  What a great place!  Very friendly and helpful personnel and two very easy to use public charging posts and they also were free.

So now the trip is almost over, I'm tired of the drive, but we realize we are participating in an event that is part of the birth of a brand new industry in electric vehicles.  This EVent proves that if you drive a Tesla, you can pretty much drive the country, but there is still a ways to go with the other brands and their charging network.  But we already know that major improvements will be made over the next 2-3 years in that regard. 

Well, we're here and ready to enjoy the Connect Conference and the Drive to Connect EVent as a part of the show.  Thanks for reading.  Sorry this latest episode is actually a couple of days late.  I procrastinated!


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