Drive to Connect

Destination - Amarillo

Hot diggity, we’re on our way.  We arrived after 217 miles in Amarillo, TX to major road construction on I-40.  The exit we needed was closed.  We proceeded on to the next exit, turned around and headed back.  We arrived at our needed exit. It was closed for construction.  We proceeded to the next exit which was a detour and we followed those streets to the Autonation Collision Center.  But, it had recently moved two blocks to the west down a service road that only went east.  Upon traversing several nearby parking lots we finally made it to our destination.  The charger which was listed on PlugShare for this location was supposed to be a rapid charger with the connection appropriate for my Chevy Bolt.  It wasn’t.  It was some brand of level 2 that I hadn’t heard of before.  So there went my 1 hour plan to recharge and I was faced with 10 hours instead.  Except it wasn’t available to the public.  Out of juice in Amarillo…but don’t worry, I’m cheating. Stay tuned


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