Destinations 3,4 & 5

 Albuquerque, NM turned out to be our first successful search and find mission in regards to a charging station.  As advertised by the PlugShare App, the Greenlots Rapid Charger was in the Montgomery Plaza Shopping multiplex.  So it takes about an hour to charge to 80% capacity.  Not really a big deal since there are stores to go to.  But the charger has a 30 minute limit.  How convenient.  Oh well, charge for 30 minutes, go around the parking lot once and come back for your second 30 minutes.  Can't fool us.

The next stop and the final one for the day was Farmington, NM.  Time to shut down for some rest and once again, we find the advertised charging locations.  Hi-Country KIA has an Eaton Level 2 charger open to the public and the Town Suites Marriott where we stayed has four Level 2 Tesla chargers.

So after striking out at our first two charging locations in Amarillo and Tucumcari, our luck changed for the better. Stay tuned. We head to Moab, Utah on Sunday and on to Salt Lake City on Monday.


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