This Thing Really Kicks Gas

Well, it's been kind of a boring month, not from a driving standpoint, but from a lack of news standpoint.  The little Bolt is just humming along.  As of the end of March I've driven a tad over 13,000 miles without an oil & filter change.  They tell me that first oil should last about 100,000 miles.  I can hear someone out there right now saying, "hey Honey, call CKenergy and find out what kind of oil they're using.  We gotta have some of that!"

In all seriousness, the fuel savings after only 5 months is a whopping $818.56! The jury is in and the fuel savings is excellent.  There are a few exposed weaknesses in EVs, but as a commuter and mid-range vehicle, it's fantastic.  The next step is to attempt a multi-state drive next month.  Stay tuned for more information.


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