Rain Storm Electrocution??

I haven't posted in almost two weeks, so for those expecting more updates, I apologize.  If I had experienced either good or bad occurrences with the CKenergy Electric Vehicle, I would have posted immediately, but it has been uneventful.  I didn't know what to expect going into to this, whether there would be a noticeable difference in this car compared to the ones I've driven for 40 years, or not.  Well, the answer is in...so far there is no difference.

I was asked by a member the other day why we decided to purchase this vehicle; wasn't it counter productive to Oklahoma's oil and gas economy?  I replied to him that electricity for this car will still come largely from natural gas electricity generation.  But we also have a responsibility to members who want us to help them pursue ways to reduce their overall costs and/or improve their quality of life.  Based on what I know so far, electric vehicles eventually will reduce the cost of driving while eliminating emissions from vehicles.  

We are many years away from a mass number of electric vehicles resulting in a significant life change, but we are foolish not to be prepared.  I've borrowed a slide from someone else who made a statement that says exactly why CKenergy Electric Cooperative is hard at work learning about electric vehicles.


It rained yesterday for the first time in weeks!  I attended Western Farmers ground breaking ceremony for their new office complex in Moore.  Obviously that event caused the rain because there were a ton of people and the new location had been freshly scraped of grass so it needed to rain to mess that all up.  After talking to a whole bunch of people about the new electric car, they all stood and watched as I peeled out of the parking lot.  (Wait, they wanted to see the acceleration and they ARE board members, so I felt it necessary to oblige.)  I love it; legal childishness.

On the way home it came a frog floater of a rain.  The car handled nicely, the wipers kept up and the cabin stayed dry.  But then it dawned on me...I'm driving down the road literally SITTING on top of 60 kWhs of electricity...in water...a LOT of water.  The remainder of the drive home was nerve wracking because I didn't know if I was going to die at any moment from rump first electrocution or what.  Since you're reading this, you know that didn't happen.  So, one more item off my fright list of driving an electric vehicle.  Stay tuned.


  1. I'm happy the car did so well, for the your experiment's sake and for yours too I suppose lol


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